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Below are a few of the projects we've done in Woburn, MA.  We believe it's important to see examples of our work, so we will be adding more handyman services projects we've done in Woburn shortly!  In the meantime, feel free to check out our gallery for more samples of our work. 

Bathroom Remodel and Tile Installation Handyman Services Projects We've Done in Woburn, MA

This bathroom was a major project. We moved doors and even closed off a portion of the basement to enlarge the bathroom.  This was to accommodate a stack-able washer & dryer. Washer & dryer are out of view on the right side. Also installed bi-folds doors on the linen closet. Tiles chosen by the customer & installed by B & B Construction - Tile Contractor.

Home Remodeling Services


Handyman Services

We provide many handyman services including flooring, laminate and hardwood flooring, painting, fencing services to enhance the look of your home. The superb quality tile installations including ceramic tile flooring, marble tile flooring, glass flooring, and concrete flooring services, etc. are provided by our company. We provide versatile tiles which are famous for their quality and durability. 

The satisfaction of customers- the ultimate goal of our company:

In a long successful journey of 20 years, we have maintained and fulfilled our commitment to provide the best services without any dishonest or unethical aspect. Our goal is to satisfy our customers with the most needed effort. Our best handyman services by admired by all. 


Fencing Services

Enclose any residential or industrial space the way you see fit and increase its privacy, security, and comfort with excellent fencing services. We provide sharp-looking fences that accentuates your property. Our expert installation team will make sure your fence is installed correctly, up to building code and meets local construction requirements.


Flooring Services

Flooring choices can make all the difference in the appearance and value of your home or business. We will provide the expertise, experience and quality you deserve. Our in-house designers are ready to help you discover the boundless beauty of tile, hardwood and laminate flooring.


Hardwood and Tile Installation

Using modern techniques and advanced methods we can resolve the most difficult challenges of tile setting, such as installing a proper underlay to ensure that the tiles lay flat and are correctly aligned. This results in even, aesthetically pleasing surfaces to backsplashes, floors, showers and bathtubs!


Painting Services

We work closely with homeowners and businesses to provide an informative, detail-orientated service and excellent customer care.  Count on us for all your painting, tile installation and handyman services!  

Final Thoughts...

When it comes to flooring, we all want it to be a reflection of our taste while also delivering the convenience we need at the same time. It is also important to ensure that it has the correct fixtures able to ensure functionality. You can achieve all that and more through careful planning and the right tile contractor if you’re unable to establish a specific plan in this regard, its best that you search for a remodeling professional and seek their advice.

In any case, we recommend that you look beyond the space of your bathroom and keep the aesthetic of the whole house under consideration. Asking yourself questions such as, “what kind of layout could best match the design?” and consulting with experienced professionals will deliver desirable results.

Our professional handyman services at B & B Construction offers high-quality materials and employs the best industry practices while relying on thorough professionals to do the job. Our team comprises of experienced and licensed professionals who ensure the provision of an unparalleled, full-service tile installation. Unlike other tile installation contractors, we particularly emphasize on delivering experiences that result in the utmost satisfaction.

Your installation options cannot possibly be limited to your imagination. There are a good number of ideas available at all times to set your creativity in motion. You aren’t just limited to floors with B & B Construction. We can tile kitchen backsplashes, countertops, showers and patios – all in an artistic way that suits your décor.

Beyond the tiles, any tile contractor worth his salt knows what kind of installation can prove to be perfect for your setting, and uses the correct tools, grout, and sealer accordingly. Even if you have a rough sketch of what you want for the project in mind, the professionals at B & B Construction can recommend minor changes for better function or cost-cutting purposes.

You can also let us know if there are certain special features you want to be incorporated in your tile job early in the planning stage.

We offer an extensive range from which you can choose, including but not limited to ceramic tile, porcelain tile, marble tile, granite tile, glass tile, or slate tile. This variety of different colors, shapes, and styles enables us to render customization to your home as per your specific needs. Once the tile installation process begins, we expertly install and remodel as per your guidelines while adhering to any deadlines you set.  

Once our team measures the area where you want the job done, we develop a scheme for design after discussions about color and style preference have been carried out with you. We get your approval before any work begins and take your input in all matters related to tile size, pattern, material, or color, to name a few.

Whether you are installing new floor tiles, exterior tiles, or even swimming pool tiles, professional tiling work by a tile contractor can mean all the difference for your home improvement pro


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