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Below are a few of the handyman services projects we've done in Wakefield, MA.  We believe it's important to see examples of our work, so we will be adding more projects we've done in Wakefield shortly!  In the meantime, feel free to check out our gallery for more samples of our work. 

Wakefield, MA - Bathroom Remodel and Tile Installation

This was a full bathroom remodel.  We removed the tub and enlarged the new stand-up shower into the closet.  This made the closet smaller but allowed the shower floor to be 5 feet x 4 feet.  We installed 2 tempered clear glass shelves and also used a variety of smaller tiles to make the shower look more modern.  

We also installed tiles on a diamond's for the top row to add to the modern look.  Custom shower tile installation and remodel.  We doubled the shower area by removing the existing wall between the closet and bathroom.  Then, we re-framed for the customers specific design.  This stand-up shower has a vinyl liner. 

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Handyman Services

All of our staff are well trained to offer the best tiling installation, painting, fencing, working with concrete cementing, repairing and other handyman services with extraordinary expertise and capability. Professionalism is our main concern and you can trust us to deliver on this. For us, it's more than just making your floors and homes beautiful. We want to give you an experience that is unforgettable, laudable and admirable. 

Count us on your all home handyman services! You will never be disappointed!


Fencing Services

Enclose any residential or industrial space the way you see fit and increase its privacy, security, and comfort with excellent fencing services. We provide sharp-looking fences that accentuates your property. Our expert installation team will make sure your fence is installed correctly, up to building code and meets local construction requirements.


Flooring Services

Flooring choices can make all the difference in the appearance and value of your home or business. We will provide the expertise, experience and quality you deserve. Our in-house designers are ready to help you discover the boundless beauty of tile, hardwood and laminate flooring.


Hardwood and Tile Installation

Using modern techniques and advanced methods we can resolve the most difficult challenges of tile setting, such as installing a proper underlay to ensure that the tiles lay flat and are correctly aligned. This results in even, aesthetically pleasing surfaces to backsplashes, floors, showers and bathtubs!


Painting Services

We work closely with homeowners and businesses to provide an informative, detail-orientated service and excellent customer care.  Count on us for all your painting, tile installation and handyman services needs!  

B & B Construction - Final Thoughts

We all want our homes to be perfect in every sense, to reflect the best taste and class, and flooring is the most important part of a house. Therefore, the flooring job must get done right! But how to make it right and ensure that there your house’s aesthetics continue to be as per your desires? Hiring the right tile contractor and careful planning can go a long way in ensuring the success of your house remodeling project!

No matter what kind of flooring you chose, timber, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, or cork, consulting the relevant professionals beforehand and choosing a flooring theme which is consistent with the overall layout of the house, is essential before you begin the flooring process. Tile Installation, when done correctly with planning, can enhance the beauty of your flooring.

B & B Construction uses the highest quality materials and complies with the best practices for tile installation projects of any magnitude. Our highly experienced team comprises of licensed and certified professionals who ensure maximum satisfaction when engaging in transforming your home through a full-service tile installation. Our team handles all your concerns, from design to finished product.

We don’t want your installation options to restricted to your imagination. There is always a myriad of ideas available to choose from, and you shouldn’t feel limited only to what your local handyman tells you. We can tile your kitchen, countertops, drawing rooms, dressing rooms, and more in an artistic way that suits your vision of the ultimate perfection.

We can work with anything you have for us; a rough idea, some old magazine picture, or a design you saw in your favorite TV show; our professionals do their best to bring to life the project you have in mind. We also suggest cost-cutting measures that you can undertake to maximize the value with the least amount of investment. 

There is just one condition. You need to lay your heart out during initial consultations and tell us exactly how you want the flooring done so that we can plan accordingly and get on the same page. We believe that there must be no ambiguity when it comes to the formation of your project’s blueprint.

We present a diverse range of services, including different colors, shapes, and styles which makes it possible for you to customize your home as per your specific needs, following the timeline you decide.

The whole process begins with our handyman services team measuring the site and developing an action plan after mutual discussions relating to the color and style preferences. We take your approval and nod before the initiation of work on every stage of the tile installation process so that everything goes according to your wishes.

B & B contractors pride itself as a trusted name with numerous satisfied customers and hence a viable choice in this regard. 


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