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Below are a few of the projects we've done in Stoneham, MA.  We believe it's important to see examples of our work, so we will be adding more handyman services projects we've done in Stoneham shortly!  In the meantime, feel free to check out our gallery for more samples of our work.

Handyman Services Projects We've Done in Stoneham, MA

This is a brand new house. The owner wanted a family room in the basement and decided to hire us to frame against all of the concrete perimeter walls. Then, we insulated the basement walls and ceiling before sheet-rocking and plastering.  

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Handyman Services

It's the small details that can make a big difference in the appearance of your home. Carpets add the perfect touch of life and class to enhance the decor of a room. We provide a variety of tints and fabrics. They are durable, pet friendly, and tailored to your tastes.


Fencing Services

Enclose any residential or industrial space the way you see fit and increase its privacy, security, and comfort with excellent fencing services. We provide sharp-looking fences that accentuates your property. Our expert installation team will make sure your fence is installed correctly, up to building code and meets local construction requirements.


Flooring Services

Flooring choices can make all the difference in the appearance and value of your home or business. We will provide the expertise, experience and quality you deserve. Our in-house designers are ready to help you discover the boundless beauty of tile, hardwood and laminate flooring.


Hardwood and Tile Installation

Using modern techniques and advanced methods we can resolve the most difficult challenges of tile setting, such as installing a proper underlay to ensure that the tiles lay flat and are correctly aligned. This results in even, aesthetically pleasing surfaces to backsplashes, floors, showers and bathtubs!


Painting Services

We work closely with homeowners and businesses to provide an informative, detail-orientated service and excellent customer care.  Count on us for all your painting, tile installation, flooring and other handyman services we can provide!  

Final thoughts...

B & B contractors comprise a team of trustworthy and reliable handyman services experts that offer tile installation, among many other services. Our expertise comprises of making innovative use of all tile styles on any surface of your home. As a tile contractor, we aim to produce beautiful results through a proper installation performed by true professionals. Our finished product is durable and easy to maintain for you in the long-run.

B & B contractors maintain a strong reputation for creative and unique designs for all consumers. You can rely on us for tiling your floor, installing brand new tiles, and even tiling over already existing tiles. We cover every commonly existing tile service or any needs arising out of it.

We create unique tile designs at multiple price points that are tailored as per your needs. We hold expertise in delivering tile installations that have the potential of producing wonder and excitement for your home interior. Want that classy or modern look that you have been thinking for so long? We can turn it into reality!

With a unique collection of tile designs, an array of patterns, colors, and styles to pick and chose from, you can rely on us for rendering the kind of flooring you want, whether it's for your bathroom, kitchen, entryway, basement or a laundry room.

The process followed by our highly trained and experienced team members is very particular and detailed and ensures the proper placement of every single tile. Our professionals value their work as much as you value the outcome of their craftsmanship, hence leaving no room for error. They remain determined to make your place shine with just the kind of tile installation you want.

However, it isn’t just homeowners that need quality tiling; we realize that commercial businesses and properties also require the services of a tile contractor. Excellent tile work plays a significant role in making establishments such as offices, restaurants, hotels, and mall shops, appealing. What your floor likes can tell a lot about your business and the place of work. When done right, tiling can leave a good first impression on the walk-in customers and prospective clients, both. Moreover, good tile work can also prove to be a factor in how you maintain or improve the value of your property.

While you do have the option to choose from several tile contractors in Saugus for tile installation, we guarantee a quality of service you can only expect from an industry leader if you opt for us. When you sign up with us, we make it our responsibility to work closely with you to ensure the implementation of your vision at every stage. We don’t just rely on the existing methods and techniques but keep innovating to come up with new ways and keep using the ever-growing technologies.

We also place the utmost importance on ensuring that your experience with us ends with absolute satisfaction with the result. We are willing to go to great lengths, above and beyond, in that regard.


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