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Below are a few of the painting and tile installation projects we've done in South Boston, MA.  We believe it's important to see examples of the handyman ser, so we will be adding more projects we've done in South Boston shortly! In the meantime, feel free to check out our painter gallery for more samples of our work. 


Floors Tile Installation at South Boston  is not a home improvement project that just anyone can undertake. 

You want to make sure that you find the right tile contractor, so your home floors are not only beautiful but are also straight, functional, and without problems.Buying flooring materials and installing floors is not an inexpensive venture, so hiring the right Floor Tile installation company/ Tile Contractor is the key to doing it right the first time.

B & B Construction has tile installation and handyman services professionals that know everything there is to know about the business; we will be able to accurately assess your space and do an excellent job for the best results. We know the best tiles to use, the best layout, and the method of application for a good clean job. As a tile installation professionals/tile contractor, we also know how to deal with tricky areas or with any problems that can arise during a job.We give you the peace of mind knowing your tiling job will be done right, look great, and not require work for many years to come.


You probably think it's a more expensive route to hire tile installation professionals, don't worry, we got you.

We're giving you an affordable price, especially if you have never worked on tiling jobs before. 

We consider the cost to purchase tiles, adhesives, sealants, and either renting or purchasing the proper equipment needed to complete a job properly. 

Our tile contractors will give you the best advice that's very affordable in the long run.  These costs do not include anything extra that may be needed to compensate for mistakes, damaged tiles, or any problems that can pop up during a job.


Before planning a tile installation, we always consider the different factors that apply to it. 

Our tile contractors make a quick assessment of your space and estimate the tools/materials that will be needed to get a clear idea of how much work there is to do and how well they will be able to do it.

Our tile contractors understand that after tile installation, there are many problems that people face later down the line from shoddy tile work, and it ends up costing far more to repair than having a proper job done right the first time.  Our tile contractors also understand that there are many tricks in the Job that help minimize the overall workload and overcome problems that crop up in areas that seem relatively easy to work on.

With skilled tile installation, you also get a professional finish. It will give you a beautiful result regardless of how simple or detailed the design and area may be.

If you plan on getting tile installed in your house, then you must use the best tile contractors to ensure that it's done right. 

Do not try to call unprofessional tile contractors because a tile installed professionally will last three times longer and is more durable. 

Use  B & B Construction for your tile installation and all your other handyman services and you will not regret it. Very affordable, and in the end, it will all be worth it.

B & B Construction - Handyman Services

Here we framed in the bath and added a mix of wood and tile facing to give it a modern & elegant look.

B & B Construction

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We provide expert handyman services in this era when no doubt not everyone can be a skilled worker and that is ok. So if you need anything from plumbing to windows to install tiles or to install some hardwood flooring or other remodeling services, feel free to call professionals at our place. We know you will be pleased with the results and your home will be admired by all.  

Painting, Laminate and Hardwood flooring services, Carpentry services, home repairing, and improvement services, fencing services are the major handyman services offered by our company. We have the best quality material, tiles, laminates and hardwood that will give a furnished look to your home. So if you have projects around the house that need to be done, projects that you always wish had been done, or even projects you haven’t thought of yet; remember to give us a call today!     


Laminate and Hardwood Flooring Services

We provide the best quality laminate and hardwood flooring services at the cheapest price. We made laminate flooring from the best quality pressed wood so it is more durable. Our laminates and hardwood flooring are very easy to maintain. These are the strong, durable surface that can resist burns, scratches, and chipping. They provide an excellent solution for your homes, resemble natural materials and comes in a wide range of colors and designs.


Painting Services

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Tile Installation Services

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