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B & B Construction is a family owned business that has served the greater Boston area for over 20 years.  We specialize in flooring and tile installation, painting, carpentry and all your other handyman services you may need. We have a passion for creating an environment that is personalized to your vision. 

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Ipswich, MA

Flooring and Tile Installation Services

At B&B Construction, we have more than twenty years of experience in tile installation and flooring services, so we can guarantee you'll be more than satisfied when we're done working on your space. We provide quality tiling services, and our goal is to help you get the best and neatest floors, expertly done. We're committed to making sure that you home look as good as new when we have finished with it. 

Our team of experienced professionals is sure to give you that excellent look you want to see on your floors. All of our staff are sufficiently trained and equipped with all the knowledge they need to exceed your expectations. Not just that, every one of them has years of experience to back up their knowledge so, the one thing you can be sure of is that we're coming fully prepared to take care of your floors.

Your space deserves to be treated really well and that's why we're your best bet. Our commitment is to offering you just as good as you deserve, and more. Nothing beats our passion for making sure that we leave your floors absolutely stunning.

Your installation options are limited only by your imagination. We can suggest a great number of ideas to set your creativity in motion. We can also tile kitchen backsplashes, countertops, showers and patios, all in an artistic way that suits your décor.

We offer different kinds of tiles that you can choose from. We have ceramic tiles, which include glazed and unglazed; glass tiles, such as cast, coated and fused; metal tiles, including aluminum, copper and stainless steel; as well as miscellaneous tile types like cement or encaustic, mosaic, etched, hand-painted, medallions and murals.

We can also install natural stone surfaces, such as basalt, Carrara, clay, granite, limestone, marble, onyx, pebble, sandstone (in Quartz, Feldspar and Lithic variants), serpentine marble, shell stone, slate, terrazzo and travertine. In addition, we work with porcelain tiles, including full body, multiple loading, standard and colored, body glazed or twin pressed. We can even add water jets to your tub! 

Whichever material suits you best, we will ensure that your floors are well covered. We are also willing to help you choose the best tiles that fit just perfect for your kind of home and the environment you live in. We're willing to hold your hands and walk with you through the entire process of choosing the best tiles for the floors of your spaces and getting the actual work done.

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Our promise to you

  •   We will exceed your expectations
  • We will do the neatest and most professional job you've ever seen
  • We will give you an unforgettable positive impression.

Why choose us?

  • We have a vast wealth of knowledge on tile installation and years of experience to show for it.
  • Each of our professional staff members are expert, highly equipped and well trained.
  • We have all the tools necessary to deliver high quality handyman services workmanship.

Each of our top-notch installers is highly competent and experienced, so you can relax while we work on your space. Here, professionalism is our watchword. If you live in Ipswich, MA and you need a tile contractor, there's no better place to call.

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Home Remodeling and Handyman Services


Fencing Services

Enclose any residential or industrial space the way you see fit and increase its privacy, security, and comfort with excellent fencing services. We provide sharp-looking fences that accentuates your property. Our expert installation team will make sure your fence is installed correctly, up to building code and meets local construction requirements.


Why Avail Our Handyman Services?

We can restore the whole look of a kitchen, bathroom, basement and more by giving a completely furnished and modern look at a lower price.  If you take the time to address the right areas to improve your home’s appearance and trust the handyman services that we offer, you’ll end up with a look you can be proud of for a long time to come! 

You will admire your home and your home will be admired by everyone who will have a chance to visit you!


Hardwood Flooring Installation

Using modern techniques and advanced methods we can resolve the most difficult challenges of tile setting, such as installing a proper underlay to ensure that the tiles lay flat and are correctly aligned. This results in even, aesthetically pleasing surfaces to backsplashes, floors, showers and bathtubs!


Painting Services

Our painters work closely with homeowners and businesses to provide an informative, detail-orientated service and excellent customer care.  Count on us for all your painting and remodeling needs!  


Tile Installation Services

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