Boston Interior & Exterior Door Installation

A typical exterior door installation can be more costly than you might think. This is because upgrading an exterior door will often necessitate the installation of a new door frame. New door and frame material costs will often also come in at approximately $600— excluding installation.

Thankfully, Greater Boston Tiling & Flooring can help you keep the cost of a new interior or exterior door installation to a minimum.

When is it Time to Plan a New Exterior Door Installation?

Is your front door letting in drafts or starting to look visibly weather worn? 

As a rule, a typical exterior door installation can last up to 30-years before it needs replacing. However, it is also the case that older exterior doors are less secure than modern designs. Older exterior doors are also far less energy-efficient than newer designs.

As local door contractors serving Boston and the surrounding area, we help local homeowners upgrade the appearance, security, and energy efficiency of properties.

  • Re-secure your home quickly after break-ins and burglary attempts.
  • Get honest advice concerning whether replacing or repairing an existing exterior door will be in your best interests.
  • Work with us to get the best prices on new door designs, while reducing overall installation costs.

First in Boston for Stylish Patio Doors and Home Entrances

The primary focus of a new exterior door installation is to secure your home from intruders and the elements. However, our Boston door contractors can install new exterior doors that are just as beautiful as they are functional.

Work with us to install beautiful French doors and patio doors that add distinct character to your home. 

Choose from traditional wood door designs, or upgrade an existing wood door to more modern metal or vinyl.

Benefit from enhanced energy efficiency, security, and door durability, by installing doors from industry-leading manufacturers.

At Greater Boston Tiling & Flooring, we can also design and install completely custom doors and frames. All you need to do to get started is call us. 

Hassle-Free Interior Door Installation

As well as new exterior doors, our Boston door contractors can help you plan the installation of new interior doors and frames.  Older interior doors that no longer sit well in frames can detract from the livability and value of your home. Hollow-core doors common in modern homes are also easy to damage.  Thankfully, we can replace interior doors quickly and cost-efficiently. When replacing a single interior door, we can also make sure that new door designs match those of your existing doors. 

Boston Door Contractors and Carpentry Experts

As expert local carpenters, Greater Boston Tiling & Flooring can replace exterior and interior doors quickly. In the process, we guarantee to help uplift the character of your home. 

Is it time that you invested in a new exterior door installation? Whether you need an interior or an exterior door replacing, we can help. To start discussing your door replacement options, call or contact one of our team today.