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Serving the greater Boston area for over 20 years, B&B Construction is a family owned handymabusiness that specializes in flooring and tile installation, painting, carpentry, fencing, and all your other handyman services needs. B&B personalizes each project to ensure the best outcome for our customers. 

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Home Remodeling and Handyman Services

Why our handyman services?

 Everyone needs to decorate and beautify the place where he lives, furthermore it is also the need for a standard of today. so if you are looking for the services for the finishing and enhancing the look of your home we are here to provide you the best handyman services, flooring, tiles installation, painting, carpentry, fencing, base-flooring, ceiling repair, clapboard siding, door repair, door installation, dry-wall repair, dry-wall installation, dryer vent cleaning, dryer vent installation and many more. We provide these services at our best to make a significant difference in the appearance and quality of your home. Our handyman services are very famous for their durability, resale value, cleaning, installation, and repair.

Best handyman services offered by us!

The type of flooring and sub-flooring services, installation of tiles, and restorations processes that we provide are so good looking that it will enhance the value of your home. Due to the best possible services, our graph of new customers is increasing day by day. 

Durability and resale value;

Our handyman services are very famous for their durability, resale value, cleaning,

installation, and repair. Due to the best possible services, our graph of

new customers is increasing day by day.

Count us on your handyman services!

We work closely with homeowners and businesses to provide an informative, detail-orientated service and excellent customer care. Count on us for all your painting and remodeling needs

Durability and resale value

Our handyman services are very famous for their durability, resale value, cleaning, installation, and repair. Due to the best possible services, our graph of new customers is increasing day by day.


Tile Installation Services

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

If there is one thing all homeowners want, it’s an aesthetically pleasing home that is comfortable when friends and relatives come for dinner. You can’t possibly have a nice place to show without nice tiling, which is an essential part of every house. Tiles give a finished look, and a touch of class, to washrooms, mudrooms, and kitchens. They are not only perfect for areas that are prone to moisture, but they are also durable and easy to clean. 

Each customer who chooses our services will have a dream or vision unique to them, and we consider it our mission to turn it into reality. Throughout the years, it has become a regular occurrence for people to come back to thank us and share pictures of their completed projects. At B&B Construction, it is our passion and purpose to do quality work, and make people’s homes or businesses more pleasant to live or work in. We do so by implementing creative ideas and realizing the dreams of our clientele. 

Therefore, when you come to us with a project in mind, we want to hear all about your project and its details, so we can figure out how to transform your house into your dream home, and make it a place you can cherish for a lifetime. B&B Construction believes in utilizing the best techniques for tile installation projects, no matter how big or small. Our team carefully sees every tile installation through, and handles your concerns at all levels. 

Our experienced staff is flexible enough to work with anything you may have in mind or on paper, whether it is a random design or picture, or something you saw on a TV show that tickled your fancy. As soon as we know what you want, we do our best to bring it to life. All you need to do is provide us some general details so that we can plan appropriately and head off any future confusion. 

We will measure your site and develop a plan for your project after mutual discussion of the textures, patterns and shapes you desire. After your approval, we will then begin the tile installation process. We also ensure that everything is going according to your desires and that there is no delay once the work begins. 

We offer many different kinds of tiles that you can choose from. We have ceramic tiles, including glazed and unglazed; glass tiles, such as cast, coated and fused; metal tiles, like aluminum, copper and stainless steel, and miscellaneous tiles types, which include cement or encaustic, mosaic, etched, hand-painted, medallions and murals.

We also have many other materials to offer: natural stones such as basalt, Carrara, clay, granite, limestone, marble, onyx, pebble, sandstone (in Quartz, Feldspar and Lithic types), serpentine marble, shell stone, slate, terrazzo and travertine. In addition, we also work with porcelain fixtures, including full body, multiple loading, standard and colored, body glazed or twin pressed. We can even add water-jets to your tub.

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  Our promise to you


  • We will exceed your expectations and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

  • We will offer high-quality handyman services and an unforgettable experience.

  • We will calmly walk with you through the process to ensure you have only the best.

Why choose us?


  • We offer our services at affordable rates to everyone.

  • We have very many years of experience in tiling and so, you can trust us to use our experience to serve you well.

  • Each of our staff members are highly skilled, and eager to give you just the results you're looking for and more. 


Here in Arlington, MA, we're your best bet for tile installation and flooring services. Look no further, we're here to provide the best tiling services to you. We hope to hear from you soon! 

Home Remodeling and Repair Services We Offer


Fencing Services

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Laminate and Hardwood Flooring Services

We provide the best quality laminate and hardwood flooring services at the cheapest price. We made laminate flooring from the best quality pressed wood so it is more durable. Our laminates and hardwood flooring are very easy to maintain. These are the strong, durable surface that can resist burns, scratches, and chipping. They provide an excellent solution for your homes, resemble natural materials and comes in a wide range of colors and designs.


Painting Services

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Tile Installation Services

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